guiding people beyond the body

                                           Certified Medical Intuitive, Registered Massage Therapist, Author, Speaker, Teacher 

Dreaming up Life!

I love Massage - giving and receiving!

 It is the most brilliant way to relax the body and clear the mind.  My practice has been ongoing since 1998 and the focus today is more stress relief and maintaining health with Massage.  I use firm pressure, pressure points, intuition and experience to soothe tense muscles and restore health.  Other modalities that come out and play once in a while (if the client wants) are Reiki, Access Bars, Essential Oils and Holistic Intuition.  Breath work and visualization are also common as well as general guidance on stretches and home care that would suit your situation. 

The clients that are attracted to my practice are those who are needing an escape from life.  They have accumulated a lot of noise and stress and they need a place to re-balance and restore. 

Unfortunately, if you do not live in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, I am unable to serve you in this way.

I am also not a good fit for your care if:

1.  You expect me to 'fix' you.  I believe you are the healer and when you hire a professional in the healing arts, you are in a collaborating relationship, both parties participate!

2.  If you are looking for help with specific conditions, more physio therapy type work with a deep tissue/sports massage type emphasis, I am not your gal!

3. If you hate essential oils or have a reaction to them as our office is infused with them because we use them (top of the line, therapeutic grade, no additives)every day.  Not even going to apologize!

4.  If you have a problem or judgement against energy work as I am a strong believer in the benefits and I practice and teach energy work.  Leave all judgements at the door and experience how brilliantly you were made and the capacity you have to heal.

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