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Medical Intuition was something that found me unexpectedly.  It didn’t take long to recognize that the typical Massage Therapy treatment was not the cure all for most.  The body holds our past struggles, hurts and history.  These are the roots to all that we struggle with.  The body is the messenger but most of us are

too stubborn or too numb to hear the messages. 


A Medical Intuitive Assessment is for people who are curious about their energy health.  Can our emotions, life experiences and energy systems actually affect our well-being?  I believe so with all my heart. 


Have you ever been so paralyzed with fear that it has prevented you from moving forward in life?  Where did that fear come from?  Maybe a past experience, an emotion that we held from a related issue or maybe it is not even our fear but it is in our energy system from a close loved one or a past life.  These are all possibilities that are waiting to be uncovered so the real you can show up!


You will never truly heal until the root issues are uncovered.


Medical Intuition looks to the root cause of why you may be feeling discomfort.  The discomfort is held in the body as a signal that there is something wrong and it needs/wants attention.  Intuition is fast and so is healing once it is understood.


Your Medical Intuitive Assessment shows up as a multi-page report in your email.  The work is done distantly (yes this sounds it’s crazy but it works – you don’t have to be in the same room).  It usually arrives within 3 days of your request.  This isn’t your typical Health Coaching program.  It’s different and it’s more as it encompasses the body, mind and spirit.  We tackle issues your doctor will never ask you or even care about yet are vastly important for true health and healing to begin. The information you can expect in your Medical Intuitive Assessment include:


  1. Your Happiness Factor in 7 major areas of life – where are you leaking JOY?


  1. How well you are following through on your Dreams and why it's important


  1. Where the body may be holding Energy Blocks and what the messages are


  1. Full Chakra Assessment on the 7 Major Chakra's and the messages they hold


  1. Recommendations specific for you to decrease the energetic congestion


Some people seek out a Medical Intuitive because they have some major issues that they are wanting messages for.  Others just want an Energy Tune Up and are curious as to what their body has to say. 

How about you?


Is it time to have a look at what is really holding you back from a life you desire? Is it time to take charge and feel empowered that you can actually do something about the ‘stuck’ feelings or situations in life? 

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Intuitive reports do not replace advice of your medical professional.  It is an intuitive evaluation based on the concepts of interpretation of energy in the human body an must be handled in such a manner.  There intention of such a report is to aid in the process of overall understanding of human function and behavior using intuition as an assessment tool.  Once purchased there is no refund.