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                                           Certified Medical Intuitive, Registered Massage Therapist, Author, Speaker, Teacher 

Dreaming up Life!

I am looking for people who are seeking more to life then waking up, paying bills, eat, sleep repeat!  When did the joy leave you?  Why do some people have peace of mind and you struggle to wake up for your day? 

If you are ready to explore some answers - Medical Intuition is for you!

Medical Intuition is the ability to assess what is happening in the body emotionally and energetically 

to assist in healing.  The intention of a Medial Intuitive is to reveal  the origin of what the body is trying to communicate with us.  Many times we override these messages as the body is so brilliant that it just

turns up the volume, possibly resulting in even more pain, discomfort and dis-ease.  We will take a look at the body, chakra's and overall energy to seek out the story the body is longing to share.  

Life gets so noisy that our own intuition gets lost.

 All sessions are done distantly (you don't have to be in the room) as energy exists everywhere in our environment, we have just forgotten how to tap in to it.  All that is needed is your permission, setting the intention and having the willingness to see what's going on.  Once you have your own multi-page page report, it is up to you if you want to go further.  I offer one on one calls to dive deeper into where to go from here and putting the information into action.

Some reasons why people seek a Medical Intuitive:

  • when they have exhausted all other paths
  • when they know something is holding them back from an abundant life
  • when they are feeling a bit 'off' and believe there is more to their diagnosis 
  • when they are ready to explore more of who they are
  • just because they are curious

  Is your intuition telling you to get in touch?

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Medical Intuitive reports do not replace advice of your medical professional.  It is an intuitive evaluation based on the concepts of interpretation of energy in the human body an must be handled in such a manner.  There intention of such a report is to aid in the process of overall understanding of human function and behavior using intuition as an assessment tool.