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                                           Certified Medical Intuitive, Registered Massage Therapist, Author, Speaker, Teacher 

Dreaming up Life!

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Warning: By reading my website you will never know who I am really as I still figuring it out!  I am sometimes adventurous, innovative, lazy, angry, bitchy, fun-loving, joyful, ambitious....just like you!  Instead I will give you the labels that we all have to make the choice if you would like to work with me. :)

I've been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist since 1998 and still LOVE IT!!!  Along my journey I have incorporated many other modalities (essential oils, energy work, visualization, breath work) to enhance  growth and empower healing to all who have trusted me with their care.

The focus I now practice is more stress relief than acute care, (as did you know stress causes 90% of all conditions and diseases) while mixing other modalities into the session to improve a persons well-being.

While working with massage therapy clients, I realized there was so much more to their problems than just physical.  This started the journey into Medical Intuition which is finding the emotional and sometimes spiritual cause to what's holding a person back.  This is a fascinating second career in showing others what makes them tick and how their body and mind has responded to their stress.

Besides my career labels, I am a wife, daughter and mom to two fur babies.  In my spare time I enjoy spending it with my hubby and traveling the world.  I also can't live without music, wine and pottery!