guiding people beyond the body

                                           Certified Medical Intuitive, Registered Massage Therapist, Author, Speaker, Teacher 

Dreaming up Life!

Hi, I’m Cari Moffet.  My spiritual healing journey began early as I learned how to talk to God/Universe by going to church.  Church played a huge part in my life growing up and while today I do not connect to all my past teachings, I can say I am thankful for the foundation in believing and trusting in something greater than I.  In 1998, I jumped into alternative health by becoming a Massage Therapist. While working with massage therapy clients, I realized there was so much more to their problems than just physical. I started exploring Reiki, Health Coaching, Essential Oils, Affects of Stress, Energy Work and eventually Holistic Intuition. Holistic Intuition feels like the sum total of all my training as it incorporates the body, mind and spirit.  It is also a modality where I practice trusting my own intuition to receive then relay the messages that a clients’ body is saying. 


Some people read care, tea leaves or palms – I read bodies!


As a Holistic Healer, I have always believed in encompassing the body, mind and spirit for true health to take place. I opened Wholelife Wellness in 2008 to invite the public to experience healing outside of drugs and surgery.  Our Wellness Centre led to speaking events, becoming an author and hosting classes and workshops.  I don’t think I ever realized the impact of embracing myself as a spiritual healer in the community I grew up in and beyond.


Healing comes from within and we are all capable of this.  I believe I am here on the planet to first explore more of who I am, all the while helping others find their own true selves.  I do not claim to know everything, but I do know that everything is within us!


Besides my career labels, I am a wife, daughter and mom to two fur babies.  In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my hubby and traveling the world.  I also can't live without music, wine, pottery and visits to the ocean!


Cari Moffet has a vision of bringing healing, heart, and vitality into her and other people’s lives. She is a mover and a shaker, and a visionary entrepreneur. Her sparkle is infectious and her spirit is fearless. Her light-hearted nature and willingness to relax and laugh (not take life too seriously) not only makes her a delight to be around but a force of wisdom, creativity, and joy we can all benefit from.


Her sparkle is infectious, and her magic is magnificent – all wrapped up into one very down-to-earth, home-grown prairie girl who knows how to keep it real and to create a life that’s really worth living!