Chakra Assessments

Complete chakra healing

You may have been aware of your Chakras for some time now, as even the word ‘Chakra’ is becoming more mainstream in the world.  You may have taken some sort of test and know which ones are blocked, closed or unbalanced.  Maybe you've been guided in a visualization to open your chakra’s.  While that may all work for some, may I suggest another approach for complete Chakra Healing to begin.

If a Chakra is really unbalanced, it starts to affect your life and possibly the body parts and emotional issues, it is connected to.  By finding the story the chakra wants to tell you is the only way to find balance.  

Here is a brief example from a client: A 40 yr. old woman comes in, who admits she never tries anything new and is afraid of any type of risk (big or small).  Intuitively and by conversation we uncover that she was traumatized by fear from a relative at a very young age.  This was still in her second chakra and even causing physical symptoms of digestion.  Now until we shine a light on the actual cause of her unbalance, (trauma/fear from an incidence when young) she can do all the visualizing, clearing, wear the corresponding gem stones etc. she wants, but the root cause will remain. The energetic congestion in the Chakra will remain.  The root cause needs to be examined and brought into the light.  A Medical Intuitive can shine the light by picking up the ‘dis-ease’ in the energy field.

Chakra Balancing can only be done by YOU!  No one can do this for you.  If they do or try, it will not hold its balance until the full story of why the Chakra is unbalanced is uncovered and understood.  Only then can full energy healing begin.

A Chakra Assessment is done distantly and compiled into a report that is send via email to the client. What you do with the information is up to you.  Some will be able to sort through the messages on their own and some will need some guidance.  I do have Intuitive Coaching packages available.


Chakra Assessments
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