Intuitive Life Coaching

Sometimes in life we just need a little guidance to bring us back to the path we came to walk on.  

Cari Moffet intuitive life coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching is for people who are stuck in all the ego mumble-jumble!  This can be with relationship issues, feelings they do not understand or situations they feel they cannot handle, and even the confusion of so called ‘mid-life crisis’. When life is uncomfortable and you prefer privacy, confidentiality and solutions with your problems, spiritual intuitive coaching may just be for you.  

I put a spiritual twist on all guidance coaching, as I believe when we are frustrated in life, we are further away from spirit.  When we feel content, we are close to our spirit and feel connection to self and all that is around us.  This is the ultimate goal, to be in this content state so that when life throws its challenges, we are aware or it and find understanding with it, rather than being beat up by it!

Reaching out to someone for help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.  Strength in that you want change and you are worthy to receive it.  Why should others have peace of mind but you should not?  Yes, you can have it and there are people everywhere to help – all we have to do is ask.

In these sessions we will chat about your main concerns.  I will pull from all my training as a Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher/Healer to guide you back to your true self – a life with more joy, peace and understanding.  We will ask our guides to come forth as we put out the intention for clarity and peace.

If you are ready for change and know what you want or don’t want – Intuitive Life Coaching may just be for you!



I love my time here.  I look forward to my visit each month.  Cari knows me and what I need.  I love that you suggest things that will work for me (the essential oils today :)  I've been coming for 9 years and can't think of ever going elsewhere. 

-Kim Frey

I just come here for my soul




All coaching session are done over the phone or by Skype and definitely over a cup of tea. Single sessions and packages are available.

Single Sessions (30 mins) $85

Package of 4 (30 mins each) $300


Intuitive Life Coaching
from 85.00

These sessions can be done over the phone or with Zoom or Skype.

Please read the Intuitive Life coaching page for more information.

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