Galactic Light Massage

Cari Moffet galactic light massage

Galactic Light Massage is like ordering everything on the menu and leaving feeling satisfied on a soul level.  This session begins with a scalp massage.  Gently we ask our guides to join us to receive the best possible messages for empowerment and freedom.  Where is the body being held back?  Where are we not believing in our own power?  Where do we need to be re-charged with Divine energy?

This session continues with a full body relaxation massage as we revel in the deliciousness of having the space to be yourself, and confidentiality to explore the blocks our body is holding.

Medical Intuition comes to play in this unique service, and we will start asking the body questions of what it wants to share with you.  We will work on your specific concerns or just ask for general wellness when we set our intention.  We will have a look at the Chakra’s and any story they want to share or ‘un-ease’ they want to uncover as we bring the soul back into balance.

You will receive the best of all worlds.  Your body will enter complete relaxation, energy system will be restored and balanced and the feeling of belonging and purpose will return.

Scalp massage

re-charged with divine energy

Recommendations will be given to work on in your own time based on the information that your body, soul and our guides communicate.

This is a brand-new service combining 20 years of Massage Therapy experience, Medical Intuitive training and Energy Healing.  This service is only offered in person in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.  I am open to travel to small groups and retreats.  Get in touch for special pricing.



Cari's massages are like magic.  I always leave feeling rested and relaxed, ready for anything.  Raindrop Therapy is a sensual experience for the mind and body. 

-Dr. Melissa McLaughlin

I have been seeing Cari for over 10 years.  Her gentle and relaxing demeanor automatically makes me relax.  She seems to be able to find the exact areas to work on without being told.  I highly recommend Cari for Massage Therapy.

-Jackie Reid


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60 min =$200
90 min =$250