Cari Moffet
Spiritual Coaching

Who are we?  Why are we here?

Two of the most important questions to ask yourself and seek answers for.  When you find your answers, only then can you respond to life – rather than react.  Only then does the ‘numbing’ stop and the true unmasked joy begin.

Cari Moffet  is a spiritual healer

Who are we? Why are we here?

Those two loaded questions can provide answers to our misery and a look into our notorious ways for escapism in this world.  Is it time to feel amazing about your life?  Is it time to get ‘un-stuck’ from your problems and from what may possibly be holding you back from the life you desire? Is it time to hand out the gifts you came to this world to give?

Have you ever spent a moment dreaming up your perfect life? How about your perfect day? Most of us have never even thought about what is possible or truly know what we want.  We keep living day to day in this ‘blur’ of a life.  What if there were more to life than work, paying bills, eat, sleep and death?


If time and money were of no concern…what would you ‘really’ be doing with your life?


We spend time on our bodies with diet and exercise, we spend time on our mind with meditation and maybe even a little yoga. But what about quality time with your spirit? Is it time to heal your spirit within? Maybe I can help!

Are you a human having a spiritual experience or a spirit having a human experience?

All life experience, beliefs and ideas stem from our past. You may choose to start by clearing the blocks of your seven main Chakra’s with a Chakra Assessment.  Our Chakra’s hold so much information and are just waiting to communicate with you.  Did you know that you are the only one that can balance them?  Did you know that once you understand the messages the Chakra’s hold, only then can you work with these energy centers to move towards a more centered life?  As a Medical Intuitive, I read the messages your Chakra’s are dying to tell you.  The best part is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home!

Chakra assessment

Some people read cards, others palms, I read the energy of bodies.

Medical intuitive assessment

Medical Intuitive Assessment

Our bodies hold the key for freedom and life.  They give us messages everyday yet most of us are unaware of how to read them. A Medical Intuitive Assessment explores these messages through the 7 major Chakra’s (as in a Chakra Assessment) plus:

  • How well the mind and body are communicating
  • How well you are following your dreams,
  • Intuitive messages the body may be holding
  • Recommendations for how to rebalance the areas that are wanting your attention 

This Full Assessment as well as the Chakra Assessment are done without you being in the same room.  Once you give me permission to tap into your energy, I set the intention and pull out the stories.  Yes, this all sounds a bit ‘cray cray’ but then so does having the worlds information at the palm of your hand with a cell phone.  I don’t understand how that works either, but it does!  If you do understand that you are an Energy Being – distance does not have to separate the important messages your body needs to say. We are all energy and a part of the collective consciousness that makes up the world.

medical intuitive assessment services

What would your body like to communicate with you?  Are you ready to listen?


Galactic Light Massage

If you are in my area (Saskatchewan Canada), maybe you would like to meet in-person for an ultimate experience called the Galactic Light Massage.  Enjoy a 90 min Full Body Relaxation Massage accompanied by insights and messages from your own body.  Medical Intuitive messages as well as Chakra information will be given as we explore the reasons why your body may be holding on to tension or dis-ease. This session gives you the best of all worlds - Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Galactic light massage

Galactic light massage services

I have been told a few times that beings of the Galactic Council are waiting to work through me.  This is very new to me yet I believe they have been there all along even if I have been unaware consciously.  We will invite them, along with your guides, to join us for your session.

If you have issues with certain body parts giving you aches and pains, or a diagnosis that your MD has given that you’d like to ask your body questions about, then this session is made for you.  We will get quiet and tune in to divine messages while melting stress away with an ultimate massage.  What are you waiting for?